QUESTION: How do I target look-a-like acquisition audiences to increase my new business client base?

You are able to create a customer segmented profile by product, region or even by store using the VaultID Neural clustering engine. If you have already created a bespoke segmentation model internally, you can use that here too.

Now, using the segment and channels of your choice, you can find look-a-like audiences for acquisition Campaigns.

Filter Target

Exclude Existing Customers – by uploading your existing Customer base and create an exclusion file. Should your Personal Identifiable Information Policy prevent Customer data leaving your internal environment; then you can exclude at the household level or higher geography levels such as SA1.

Exclude Previous Campaigns – the VaultID system will archive your previous campaigns activated through our system. You can use these previous campaigns as exclusion files for future campaigns.

You can manage your campaigns by isolating exclusion files to previous product level campaigns or apply generalized exclusion policies.


Upsell - Marketing campaigns can be divided into new customer acquisition campaigns and existing Customer upsell campaigns.

Upload your existing Customer list to use as a target audience to establish where they can be contacted through multiple channels.

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