You want to know about me? - come to me - I am Self Sovereign

I am Self-Sovereign I control my own identity in myVault. My personal data resides with me. I manage who can see my personal data to verify me and what data they can see. I approve your access and the level of your access in real-time.

Verified Financial Inclusion

Verified financial inclusion is the driver of economic inclusion. This means the ability to verify yourself is your “Prosperity Passport”. Yet the traditional banking system has excluded 2 billion people leaving them with NO access to financial services. Unable to take the first step through verification individuals are forced to rely on expensive risky alternative means to manage their money. Using myVault build a profile bio-metric official, financial and social that you can authorise access to as part of customer onboarding verification requirements.

How it works

When you apply for a financial product you will be requested to verify you are who you say you are. The financial institutions are required by law to confirm you. You will see on their website a VaultID access code request. Generate an access code in myVault and enter it into the site. The financial institution will then talk to myVault to confirm your details. They will provide myVault with who they are and the information they want confirmed. You will be notified and click confirm in myVault to authorise access.

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