Using the Illumin8 A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) Causal Engine toggle between predicted sales based on media plan or predict media plan expenditure required to achieve a given sales result. Utilise our scenario planner to change data flows and variable settings such as funding costs, competitor activity, channel responsiveness and general business conditions as part of your predictive analysis feeding into your media, sales and marketing plans.

Next Frontier Analytics at your fingertips encapsulated in a single platform workflow.

At the heart of your media plan is the Illumin8 A.I. Causal Engine. Bringing Causal analytics to your fingertips we answer the simple question: "what drives a customer to my store or use my service".

Understanding channel contribution to a sale , and the associated channel costs enables you to provide Media Plans at Board or generic levels that are accurate, predictive, dynamic and predictive of future business conditions.

Modify your media plan to predict the impact of competitive intelligence on your marketing activities under a variety of scenarios.


Deep dive into individual campaign responsiveness in order to drill down into the detail and further enhance your media plan. Magnify to the level of the individual "in store" to further target and enhance your marketing campaigns.

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