Your personal details who you are and what you do in the digital have for too long been freely collected, sold, stored and used by third companies for such services as marketing and verification. VaultID puts control and ownership of your personal data in your hands and lets you choose who may have access to it through myVault.

Ethical Data through Consumer Ownership

Understanding the industry

When you the Consumer interact with a business it needs to confirm you are who you say you are.

A number of third-party companies source your personal data from marketing and transaction databases or link directly into government databases (Passport office etc) in order to try to verify you. You don’t know the accuracy of the information held about you, where it come from and where it is going to.

VaultID lets you create a myVault account that YOU control. When a company wants to confirm your details, they look at your myVault details BUT only after you have approved that they may do so. You manage your details keeping them up to date and accurate and you DO NOT allow your personal details to be handed to anybody. VaultID is a fully transparent system controlled by you. We log all requests to see your details and all access granted to your details for you to see.

With VaultID you have taken back control of your personal details from third party data sales merchants.

myVault Application

Control in your hands

Your myVault application is a secure environment that you control. This is the hub from which companies can on request to you verify your current details.

myVault is based on a simple yet ground breaking biometric technology that lets you with a simple self-image confirm your details to passports, drivers licenses, ID cards and much more.

Build your online identity score that you use to verify yourself with financial institutions and online services.

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