VaultID enables customer onboarding through the VaultID API

VaultID publishes a real-time API for VaultID clients to integrate into their customer registration pages.

The VaultID API

Easy to implement latest technology

The VaultID API is an easy to use restful API designed for real-time web and mobile application implementation on the Client side.

The VaultID API enables KYC / AML Confidence scoring through its two tier verification process. Choose Biometric / Document Verification (BMDV) or enhanced Biometric / Document Verification (E BMDV) to Government record services (passport offices etc) . Choose the level of verification you require to meet your AML / KYC compliance legislation.

Once registered with VaultID your development team will be given access to our sandbox API environment with fll API documentation published through a swagger document interface. Built and test your application with ease


+180 Countries

The VaultID API is able to confirm consumer across 180 countries through traditional verification channels.

The VaultID myVault application brings verification to all potential customers you may wish to onboard. The potential customer can link from your webpage to create a myVault account in real-time and create a verified bio-metric identity.

VaultID and myVault removes the issue of potential coverage as it enables real-time verification for all consumers.

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