QUESTION: What Channels Best Contributed to my Sales?
Causal Drivers

Using our Illumin8 causal analytics engine will show you which channel is the most cost-effective generator of sales. Drill down to individual elements within the campaign such as; which TV show or marketing medium drives the best sales.

False Cause

Simple school level correlation is often used by statisticians to assume that correlation between Sales and a particular marketing spend, which generally shows that one variable causes the other. While this sounds logical, "correlation proves causation", as an approach it suffers from cause logical fallacy i.e. inaccurate interpretation of Marketing results.

Bayesian inference has been used by some businesses as a measure of causation impact quantification, this too however suffers from similar statistical issues.

VaultID has adopted a patented A.I. Machine learning system comprised of unique algorithms that work in a coordinated and cumulative way utilizing a tiered causal analytics module.


A Single ROI Language - Illumin8 has implemented its casual engine to feed an ROI algorithm that takes into consideration dollars not just clicks, paginations, views, CPM etc. This means you can scrutinize directly across all marketing channels and produce ROI analysis for the CFO taking in raw data and including the business bottom line considerations.

Drive Causal Insight from Big Data

Causal Drivers

Many factors drive your sales; marketing activities, competitor pricing and service, internal product age, Net Promotor Score indexes etc. Our platform lets you pick and choose which data to drive your causal analysis. Stay within the Marketing environment or dive deep in understanding what drives sales in your business.

VaultID has a Residential Data Pool – our Australian Residential Data Pool contains 14 million identifiable Consumers with name address and contact points (landline, mobile and email, to this we have added our cookie pool mapping online profiles to online profiles into a single Consumer view). The illumin8 Consumer data pool also includes over 100 additional describing transactional activity, socio demographic attributes and consumer households sourced from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, online retailers and a variety of survey companies.

Business Data Pool – our Australian Business Data Pool is the most extensive business dataset covering over 1.8 million businesses. We hold Business name, address, Phone, Contact, ABN, ACN, Revenue, Staff, Vertical, Long Lats, etc. And we have the ability to add customized fields to particular verticals.

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